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Effron & Associates is a specialized consulting service with expertise in the area of schools and education. Our clients are:

  • Educators who need help with job search strategies

  • Families who are looking for information and expertise about schools in the Greater Cincinnati area

  • School Districts interested in executive searches, levy management, customer services and other specialized services.

  • Corporations who are relocating families to the Cincinnati area and need information about schools and jobs in education.

Job Vacancies

Ohio - Click Here for a list of administrative and teaching vacancies in Ohio.

Kentucky - Click Here for a list of administrative and teaching vacancies in Kentucky

Please note: Beginning January 22nd, 2019, all users will need to create new accounts to continue posting job vacancies to Effron & Associates due to necessary upgrades to the website. Educators - Click Here to Post Job Openings in your School District.

Insider's Guide to Finding a Job in Education

The Insider's Guide is a must have for anyone looking for a job in the world of education. In this manual, Roger Effron shares insight from the viewpoint of a decision maker - the person on the other side of the desk who is responsible for finding and hiring superior education professional. Included in this guide are How to build a game plan for your search How to create your marketing itch Forms and checklist Sample Resumes Interview rehearsal questions Practical insights and etiquette Real life example Solid advice as to how to break through in the educational market.

Free Advice from Roger Effron

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Insiders Guide


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