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Need to move your career ahead?
Desire help locating a challenging job?
Frustrated with how to compose a resume??
Need some coaching on that upcoming interview?
Want to enchance your job search strategies?

Effron & Associates provides specialized assistance that prepares you for a highly competitive educational market. We are NOT a job placement service. We help you make your job search more effective, more efficient, more productive and more professional.

Our Fees
Effron & Associates is a unique service using the latest technology to keep in touch with educators. Our company utilizes either regular landline conferencing or video conferencing.

  • Level of Services
    1. Resume and cover letter evaluation with phone conference - $49.00
    2. Resume development. Cover letter development via email and phone conference - $100.00
    3. Videoconferencing (must have Skype or .Mac) resume review and or development, cover letter, job search strategies, interview coaching - $20.00 per 15 minutes
    4. For those just starting a critical job search, it is strongly suggested that one purchase Roger Effronís Insiderís Guide to Finding a Job In Education. See details on this page.

Call us at 513-561-1700 for an appointment or use the Contact Us form to contact us via email..

Job Vacancies

Ohio - Click Here for a list of administrative and teaching vacancies in Ohio.

Kentucky - Click Here for a list of administrative and teaching vacancies in Kentucky

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In your cover lett!er, tell the district or school why you want to be employed at their school. The more you can customize your letter to fit the needs of the organization, the more attention it will get. I see too many boiler plate letters that can apply to any school district across America. Remember, all school districts want to be loved

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