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When moving to the Greater Cincinnati area or thinking about an intra-regional move, you will be faced with a number of decisions.

You will have to decide whether to live in Kentucky, Ohio or Indiana.

You will have to decide whether to send your child to a public, parochial, private, vocational or charter school.

You will have to decide what school district and/or school best fits your child’s educational needs.

Effron & Associates helps you with those decisions!

Effron & Associates expertise is

  • Understanding your family’s educational needs
  • Providing accurate and current information about schools in this area, including school visitations
  • Advising on what school is best for your child.
  • Reducing the anxiety associated with finding a school
  • Ensuring a time efficient process in locating a new school.

We serve families and companies who need expert advice, an objective perspective and contacts with the appropriate district.

Local corporations which have utilized his helpful service include Cinergy, Western Southern, International Paper, Procter & Gamble and Children's Hospital.

Effron & Associates services range from family consultation to coordinating school visitations. The family or the company that is relocating the family pays for our fees.

If you would like information about the school selection services we can provide Click Here and complete the Request for Information form.

Comparative School Data

To see comparative school data for all schools Click Here

To see performance data for any school:
  • Ohio - Click Here
  • Kentucky - Click  Here

  • School Links

    Click Here for links to area schools.

    Tips for
    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Most parent conferences are short in nature and time is at a premium.
    Our advice is to make notes for yourself (questions, issues, etc.) prior to the actual conference.

    If you feel that other information might be needed during the conference, let the teacher know beforehand

    One other point. Teachers like to get a personal thank you note after conferences. It's a small task with big rewards.

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